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Happy Earth Day!

lindsey buckComment

Happy Earth Day! It’s no secret I’m a big fan of nature—we’ve even named a recurring stink bug resident, Frita, because I don’t want to kill her (him?). & that Wren that keeps coming back for mealy-gross-worms? That’s Wrenny. Beyond the cute-ness of bugs & animals, is the real issue of the well-being of our trees, native plants, pollinators, public lands, & endangered creatures. In an effort to help, in any small or big way, support the upkeep of protecting the nature around us in any shape or form, I’m wanting to donate 15% of any cards or prints related to the subject to The Nature Conservancy, specifically, to help protect our land & water, through May 1st. I’ll even have you comment after purchase of a specific fund you hold near & dear to your heart for me to put that money from your purchase towards. Every little bit counts, & it all adds up to something!

Something else I’m going to make more of an effort of doing from here on out is, when planting for Spring, to find native plants instead of plants I like to help support our ecosystems better. If you’re interested in doing the same, I found a resource that helps you find native plants from your area here. It also lets you know which birds would be attracted to certain plants, which is a neat feature.

Here is also a neat resource that helps explain why planting native plants is helpful for our environment (hint, less pesticides!).

thank you for loving our pretty Earth!